Teacher singing in class with children.



Bonjour! My name is Clare Roberts. I am a qualified and experienced primary school teacher and French tutor. My qualifications include:

  • BSc (Hons), PGCE in Primary Education

  • RSA Certificate for Bilingual Secretaries in French

  • RSA Certificate for Bilingual Secretaries in German

  • Spanish language Diploma from the University of Salamanca in Spain.

I have always been interested in languages and speak French, Spanish and German. I have RSA certificate in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and I taught English to native Spanish speakers in Spain for two years. 

About Clare

A passion for teaching all abilities

Your child might be new to French, shy, special needs or home-schooled but don’t worry - you are in safe hands!

I enjoy teaching enormously and have worked in primary, secondary, private and special needs schools. The children have had a wide range of abilities and personalities and their diversity makes teaching rewarding and enriching.

My knowledge of languages combined with music is very useful in schools and my classes have always enjoyed singing in French.  I have written several short plays in French which the children have performed and they have sung many songs in French on stage.

I always believe that being a teacher is a privilege and I love working with all abilities and ages

Woman teaching French to asylum seekers in a park in Paris.

Teaching French to refugees and asylum seekers

I teach French to asylum seekers and refugees in Paris. It is very interesting work. Asylum seekers, often in families, are widely varied in language knowledge and literacy skills.

From a, b, c to sentences

I usually start lessons by teaching the phonetic alphabet and phonics as many students are Arabic or Farsi speaking. Then we construct words and within an hour or so we are writing and speaking short phrases. Progress is very fast and students often stay all day.

A lady is teaching refugees on the street.
A ‘pop-up’ classroom which folds away into a bag on wheels.

A ‘pop-up’ classroom

My pop up classroom includes a folding whiteboard, mats, clipboards, pens and paper and fits in a sport bag. The classroom can be set up in a park on a wide pavement in a few minutes.

The “Jungle” in Calais

I taught French for a few weeks in Calais at the refugee camp the Jungle. The refugees affectionately nickname it the “Jungie”. On my last day one of the students wrote this on the whiteboard of the classroom. Teaching is always rewarding and when you receive messages like this one, it is very special indeed.

Writing on a whiteboard saying thank you to the teacher.
Lady taking disabled people horse riding.

Riding for the disabled

I have been a Riding for the Disabled volunteer working with special needs and disabled children and adults. Riding, even at a slow pace, has enormous mental and physical benefits for people who are disabled.

Now you know me a little better!

If you would like to know any more please see the home page or message me. 

Joanna, Buckinghamshire

Learning French though singing has been a really fun way for the boys (8 and 9) to learn a wide range of vocabulary from numbers to family members, food and drink, animals and activities you might do at school. It’s amazing how much better the boys remember all the words by singing them compared to other methods. Even months after learning the first songs, they can still remember “Il y a des crocodiles en Australie” to the Bare Necessities tune. Thank you for being a brilliant and fun teacher!


Happy mother with sons