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  • Learn by singing songs!

Sing French, enjoy yourself and learn at the same time.

We can all remember lyrics to our favourite songs. Why not put this to good use and sing songs in French? You can sing your favourite songs and learn French at the same time. Soon you will have those French phrases deep in your mind and be able to use them for speaking French.


Sing French Ltd is based in Oxford in the UK. French is taught online through singing. You can exchange greetings, order food and drink, go shopping, talk about hobbies, the weather and much more all from singing! The songs are easy to learn, fun to sing and ideal for children or young-at-heart adults. Singing in French is an excellent way to understand and speak French quickly and confidently. 

Teacher singing and doing actions in the classroom
Two boys singing and doing actions for 'the rocket goes to the moon' in French.

Why learn a language through singing?

Learning a language through singing enables people to learn more efficiently and have deeper understanding of new words.  Repeating words or phrases attached to a tune enables people use their memory more effectively and people also have better understanding and pronunciation if they learn songs in the target language.  

There are other ways that singing benefits learning. Singing helps our body produces more dopamine and serotonin which are naturally occurring 'happy' chemicals in our body. They also have a positive impact on the memory and brain and enable people to learn more easily. 

Music is highly beneficial to children's learning and development. It accelerates brains development particularly in language acquisition and helps strengthen memory skills in adults and children. 

Singing with actions promotes recall of words and makes learning interactive.

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Young girl doing the action for 'please' in French
Young girl doing the action for ice cream in French.

Actions help make learning interactive and engaging.

Learning actions with new vocabulary

In Sing French children learn actions with vocabulary. Using actions and hand signs makes learning more effective as actions create more pathways to the brains. Children are better able to remember new words and have deep understanding of them.  Gesture and Vocabulary Learning in a Second Language.

Children who prefer kinaesthetic and multi-sensory learning respond particularly well to gestures and actions.

Teacher playing the guitar and singing.

Music improves listening skills and helps engage children with learning. 

Young girl learning the word for 'pencil' in French.

Using props helps with remembering words and phrases.

Props and everyday objects as learning tools.

Handling and holding props helps make learning more meaningful and gives a focus. It promotes recall and aids engagement with learning. Most students, particularly those with special education needs, benefit significantly from tactile learning and using props.

Students of all ages and abilities can benefit from the use of props. Improvement in focus, increased learning and recall are noted by teachers. In Sing French props are used to enhance the lesson and make it more interactive.

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Visual cues help children remember information

In Sing French, children use picture cues to learn and engage in the songs.  This helps children absorb new words as a large part of our brain processes images and contributes to learning. Learning through visuals is a powerful learning aid. 

Can adults learn a new language?

Many people believe that adults or the elderly do not have the ability to learn a new language. This is not true at all. There has been research to compare the learning abilities of adults and children and it has concluded that many late learners are able to become fluent.  Learning a language before eighteen helps people acquire a better accent but adults learner are able to achieve “native-like fluency”.

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Lady smiling with guitar.

Come and sing in French with me!

Residents in care home singing in French.

Residents in a care home singing in an online French lesson. They enjoy remembering their 'school French'. Singing can increase memory recall in people who have dementia. 

        Adults can learn too!

Joanna, Buckinghamshire

Learning French though singing has been a really fun way for the boys (8 and 9) to learn a wide range of vocabulary from numbers to family members, food and drink, animals and activities you might do at school. It’s amazing how much better the boys remember all the words by singing them compared to other methods. Even months after learning the first songs, they can still remember “Il y a des crocodiles en Australie” to the Bare Necessities tune. Thank you for being a brilliant and fun teacher!

Happy parent with children.